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Wijck. - Luxe handzeep

The Hague Info Store - 20% discount on Wijck. - Luxury hand soap

Valid until 31 Dec 2023


Clean and fresh hands with the Wijck. - Luxury Hand Soap (retail price €24.95). You can now buy these with a whopping 20% discount at The Hague Info Store (THIS).

Where and how?

Show your DenHaagPas at The Hague Info Store at Centraal station and get a 20% discount on Wijck. - Luxury hand soap. THIS is the place for typical products from The Hague, local souvenirs and tips to make your visit to The Hague even more fun!

Duration of this promotion

This promotion lasts until the end of December 2023.

Do you already have the TheHaguePass?

Get unique promotions, discounts and even free products at various organisations in The Hague.

More information
DHP 750 x 1000


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