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Regentenkamer in het Koorenhuis

Prinsegracht 27, 2512 EW The Hague
Regentenkamer in het Koorenhuis

Regentenkamer is a unique cultural breeding ground in The Hague. Founded by Thea van Loon. The Regentenkamer has been organising concerts and exhibitions since 1990. Originally in the Regentenkamer in the Hofje van Nieuwkoop and since 2019 in the Koorenhuis on the Prinsegracht.

Regentenkamer programs Jazz and different types of music related to that. It offers a very wide range of music from Bebop and Swing to Latin Jazz and Cuban Son. From Blues and Soul to Fusion, and from Gipsy Jazz to Funky pop music. In addition, they offer a stage to established big names, young talents and students from the Dutch academy of music. There is also room in the programming for amateurs and semi-professional musicians during Cookin 'jazz and jam sessions. Regentenkamer is renowned for the jazz of the past and present.

Regentenkamer has also organised many visual art exhibitions over the years. When they had their own building, there was space on a monthly basis for local artists, students of the KABC and members of the various artists associations in The Hague. Attention is also paid to fashion, industrial design, photography and various festivals and special projects. They are currently working hard on new projects for the coming years.

In addition to music, there is also annual programming for special theatre performances and cabaret. Often try-outs and scoops. Also established names and upcoming talent come here. There is also room for literature and poetry.

Breeding ground
Regentenkamer connects different cultural movements, different generations of musicians and performers. Due to the fact that most performances are small-scale, there is also often an exciting interaction between audience and performers. With a modest budget and a few sponsors, Regentenkamer The Hague and its surroundings offer a special program. A breeding ground for talent, an enrichment for the visitor. A nice evening out in a relaxed atmosphere - now in the Koorenhuis

History Koorenhuis
The Koorenhuis is the place in The Hague for cultural experience and talent development, for young and old. Various activities and events take place, such as classes, workshops, festivals, shows, concerts, etc. The complex of the Koorenhuis originally consists of four different buildings: an open market hall and three residential houses. Trade, art, culture and education took place simultaneously. In 1967, the four buildings were designated as a National Monument and registered in the National Monument Register under number 17897. The diversity of the buildings is reflected in the social function they have fulfilled. In 1988 the complex was thoroughly restored and a new building was put in place at the back.

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