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De Twee Heeren

Bars and cafes


In the city center of The Hague there are various catering establishments that offer something for everyone: from brown café to cocktail bar, from pop stage to restaurant. Outside the center you can enjoy urban hotspots or unique places with inner gardens. Enjoy the setting sun with a nice drink in Scheveningen.

The Hague hotspots for a drink

You can enjoy a drink with various culinary delights, for example on the chic Denneweg. Or think of one of the sheltered inner gardens on the Prinsestraat. Bleyenberg has a nice rooftop bar and a lounge for a cocktail with bar bites! A household name in The Hague is' t Goude Hooft, but the urban hotspots in the Binckhorst are also a must visit! On the Grote Markt and Het Plein it is cozy on the linked terraces untill sun rises. Of course, a visit to the oldest Van Kleef distillery in The Hague or the breweries and pubs in the Hofkwartier should not be missed either. For good fast food you can go to small concept stores in the Zeeheldenkwartier. You can enjoy the setting sun in the harbor or on the Boulevard of Scheveningen.

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