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The Crave Warehouse

Melkwegstraat 12, 2516 AJ The Hague
The Crave Warehouse

 After the loss of the RAC Halls in 2015, the organizers of The Crave were looking for a worthy replacement site. After two years, this place has finally been found, namely at the industrial Binckhorsthaven! This large warehouse is being transformed into a new stage for electronic music. The doors of The Crave will open again for fans of techno, electro and house!

The programming of The Crave Warehouse will consist of international, national and, above all, local talent. Just like at The Crave Festival, the musical program is an extension of the organizers themselves. The series of events is a good example of what The Crave has in store this summer. The Crave stands for deep and dark techno that lets you get carried away by integrating melodies and catchy baselines. It is an exciting mix of electro, house, breakbeat and techno. New acts and old acquaintances are welcomed in the Warehouse. The Crave wants to continue to surprise its visitors and only books artists that they support 100%.

The Crave Warehouse project
The Crave Warehouse Project is a series of events in a warehouse located in the industrial area around the Binkhorsthaven. During the winter period, before the organization prepares for The Crave Festival in the Zuiderpark, this place will be the base for the Hague concept. A raw and industrial building where more than 1000 electronic music lovers can go. Less is more is the formula: a tight production, good sound, stroboscopes and a lot of smoke, deployed in a way that flawlessly accentuates all the characteristics of the shed.

The Crave Warehouse is an initiative of District25. District25 is a young and fresh organization that has been filling the nightlife in The Hague since 2014 with top-notch electronic music. The organization stems from a couple of friends' shared passion for electronic music. The Crave emerged from this collaboration. Everyone from District25 lives in The Hague or feels connected to this city. The name District25 is therefore a synonym of The Hague, namely the first digits of the postcode of The Hague.

The Crave Warehouse is located on the Binckhorst, formerly a business park between the city center of The Hague and Voorburg, which is now developing into a new living and working area. In this industrial setting are many hotspots such as the Capriole Café, The Hague brewery Kompaan, and MaMa Kelly.

The Crave Warehouse is easily accessible from the highway: De Binckhorst industrial estate is located right next to the A12. The Crave Warehouse, located on the Melkwegstraat, is a short two-minute drive from the exit. In addition, The Crave is also fairly easy to reach by public transport. Buses 26 and 28 stop nearby at The Crave Warehouse.

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