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Scheveningen strand

The Hague step-by-step - what will open again and when


Step-by-step. In the coming months, the measures taken by the national government will slowly be relaxed if developments in the spread of the Corona virus allow this. We are happy to provide you with an overview of "reopening" messages received by us below.

The editors will continue to supplement this article.

We recommend that you always consult the website of the relevant location. General rules are:

  1. Online reservation for a specific day or time is mandatory, even if someone already has a ticket or voucher.
  2. Only go out the door when everyone in the group is free of complaints, so no fever, coughing, sneezing, etc.).
  3. Come alone or as a group, with people from the same household.
  4. Come with your own transport, the capacity of public transport is limited and must be relieved as much as possible.

Step by Step - Museums and attractions in The Hague and surroundings

  • Madurodam will be open again from 18th May, checked for the first time with day tickets. It is mandatory to reserve a time slot via the website, this is possible as of 15th May. Even then it is mandatory to reserve your day of visit, even if you already have a valid ticket.

  • Sea Life Scheveningen will open its doors again from 1st June, an online reservation system will be used. You can check opening hours on the Sea Life website. Unfortunately, there are no daily feed presentations to avoid large crowds in one place.

  • Museum Voorlinden will be open again from 1 June. They take measures to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Tickets can therefore only be ordered online and they use time slots to avoid crowds. They open with a new exhibition Rendez-Vous.

  • Kunstmuseum Den Haag will open again from 1st June. You can choose from two fixed routes, which ensure that despite the one-way traffic, the feeling of wandering through the building as Berlage intended, still remains.
  • The doors of the Mauritshuis will open again to the public from 1st June. You can book tickets for a visit from off 21st May via the website. From 21st onwards there will also be more information on how to deal with already purchased tickets and other frequently asked questions.

  • From 1st June, Royal Delft will be open to the public again. Tickets can only be purchased online and work with 10 minute timeslots that welcome up to 6 guests. The painting workshops and Brasserie1653 will also be restarted. The Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo exhibition will run until 31st October.

  • From 1st June, the Museon will also open to the public again. Preparations are in full swing to be able to receive everyone safely in the museum. Like many institutions, periods will be used to avoid peak moments. Visitors who purchase admission tickets to the Museon must reserve a time slot via the website.

Step by Step - Cultural Institutions

  • The Hague Library will open their doors again from Thursday 14th May. They offer a customised service. Check the library website for this adapted service, the rules and opening hours.
  • Pulchri Studio will be open to the public again from 22nd May and you can visit the exhibitions in accordance with the guidelines set by RIVM. For the time being, a maximum of 30 visitors will be used. As a result of RIVM's advice, the restaurant will remain closed until 1st June 2020.
  • The National Theatre will open its doors on Monday 1st June at 12:01 a.m. with the first new performance as part of the National Theater always playing: a program of short, agile performances that will replace the major performances until winter.
  • 1st June - The Filmhuis opens again. Obviously with adapted occupancy and 1.5 meters distance as a starting point, because the safety of visitors and employees is paramount. More information will follow soon!
  • From 3rd June, Stroom is open again to visit their library and entrance with bookshop.

Step by Step - The Hague Hospitality Industry

  • From 1st June, Rootz may receive guests again and they have been really looking forward to it! They work with sessions so that they can guarantee at all times that the amount of people does not exceed the allowed 30 people. The 1st session is from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and the 2nd session is from 8:00 PM.
  • Go on a culinary world trip through the food halls. Check in with your food passport and prepare for a culinary trip across various continents. At the end of the evening you will go straight to Hotel The Collector for a final night in style. Would you like to know more? Please refer to the following link just here.

The Hospitality Industry - may open again at noon as of 1st June 

Under the following conditions:

  • a maximum of 30 guests (so excluding staff).
  • Visitors need to make a reservation. Information about making a reservation, can be found on the website of the catering company.
  • Everyone needs to keep a distance of 1.5 metres away (except people from the same household).
  • During a pre-check between owner and customer, it is established whether a visit poses risks.
  • A maximum amount of people does not apply to the terraces. Everyone should be seated at a table and must keep a distance of 1.5 meters apart (except for people from the same household).

Step by Step - The Hague shops

Almost all shops in the city centre have been reopened. However the measures that apply, are not the same in every shop. Some shops are “closed” but are available via a counter at the front door. Look for a handy overview here (Please note: this site is currently in Dutch). Shops can also inform you accordingly if unsure.

Step by Step - Sporty The Hague

to be announced.....