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Louwman Museum

Virtual Visit to The Hague


To prepare for your stay or day visit to The Hague, you can The Hague virtually. Get in the mood from your own home. Let the anticipation begin!

Take a virtual tour of the Museums

  • View the beautiful collection of 17th century art of the Mauritshuis museum here online.
  • A swimming pool in a museum? Sure, why not! Check out Museum Voorlinden for a digital dive.
  • Be impressed by the unique car collection of the Louwman Museum.
  • Explore the most interesting details of the Panorama or painter Mesdag here.
  • Kunstmuseum The Hague has more than 160.000 pieces of art in its collection, view them here.

Finally time to find out more about your family tree

The Bureau for Genealogy is located in The Hague, you can have a look at their archive here! (website in Dutch only)

Missing the city by the sea? Have a look at these webcams:

Beach webcam Scheveningen
Beach webcam Kijkduin - NH Atlantic Hotel

Head in to nature, virtually 

  • In the heart of the protected nature area Meijendel you will find De Tapuit, the visitors centre of dune water company Dunea. Thousands of people normally come here to learn more about water, nature and the dunes. What hardly anyone knows, is that De Tapuit has some residents, namely barn owls. View them through this webcam.
  • A scavenger hunt through The Hague Forest, how much fun is that! Currently, you are still allowed to go for a walk, but do keep a distance to other people. You can download a special app for these scavenger hunts, Have_a_look!

Bake a speciality from The Hague

Haagse Bluf is a fresh dessert made from berry juice, sugar and egg white. Haagsche Kakker from Bakkerij Hessing has a great variation to this recipe, which you can find here

Hart Beach Scheveningen
The Hague entertainment for Kids

Watch these movies which were filmed in The Hague


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