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HEt zuiderstrand vanaf de zee

Walking in The Hague and Scheveningen during the lockdown


In need for some fresh air during the lockdown? Go outside! You stay fit and it is wonderful to clear your head in this way. With thousands of hectares of dune areas and parks, the coast of The Hague offers plenty of space to enjoy freedom and nature. Do you have health problems related to Covid? Then of course you stay at home.

Into the nature of The Hague

With more than 111.000 hectares of dune areas, parks and estates, The Hague offers plenty of space to enjoy. In addition, The Hague, as the only major city in the Netherlands, is located directly on the sea. You can enjoy a breath of fresh air on the beach: are you going to Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Zuiderstrand, Silent Beach or the Zwarte Pad? Or walk through the parks and forests of The Hague such as the Westduinpark, Landgoed Clingendael or the Haagse Bos: one of the oldest forests in the Netherlands!

Our tip:
Try to avoid the busy moments during the lockdown. Go early in the morning or at night. Extra fun: at quiet moments, animals in nature show themselves more often! Did you take a nice picture during your walk? Share it on Instagram with #thisisthehague or tag @thisisthehague.

Westduinpark, ontdek dit prachtige duingebied in Den Haag
The Westduinpark between Scheveningen and Kijkduin is one of the largest nature reserves in The Hague.

Online walking tours in The Hague and Scheveningen

Our online The Hague walking routes take you along the well-known highlights and hidden hotspots in The Hague and Scheveningen. With your mobile in hand, you can navigate effortlessly like a true local. No guide, and you don't even need to download an app!

With the audio and video walking tour Royal Tour you will discover the wealth of The Hague. Or how about a Children's Walking Tour for children from 6 to 13 years old that allows you to get to know The Hague in a fun way? At each point in the route a question is asked and you collect letters. Do you know the solution? For advanced walkers there is the 'Through forest and dunes to sea' walk of almost 22 kilometers: from the historic city center follows a beautiful route to the sea.

Check the online The Hague walking routes
Press Officer Stefan over zijn weidse kijk op een #zeevanruimte in Den Haag
Wandelen over het strand van Scheveningen
With the walking route 'Through forest and dunes to sea' you go from the city center through the Haagse Bos and Landgoed Clingendael to the dunes of Meijendel and you end on the beach.

Organized city walks

Enjoy culinary The Hague during lockdown and support the local restaurants. There are several organized city walks.You might come across places you've never been before!

  • Walk, eat and drink in the city with the Hague Horecatour. With the route, the menu and the facts about sights along the way, you can set out on your own.
  • During previous lockdowns, De Stadswandeling 070 was already a great success. On a journey of discovery through The Hague with various themed walks, you also support the local catering industry.

Selfie spots & Instagrammable hotspots

The Hague is the place where you can put your photography skills into practice, because compared to other Dutch cities, The Hague has a lot to offer. Where is the best place to start when using your camera? We would like to give you a summary of the best and most special locations. Due to the fact that of course you do everything for the perfect picture with which you want to show off and what you want to share with the rest of the world.

Discover the hotspots tips
Haagse Harry standbeeld
Stel bij de Pier op het Haagse strand
The statue of Haagse Harry and the Pier are popular selfiespots.

Coffee and hot chocolate to-go in The Hague

 You naturally take the daily 10.000 steps with a nice coffee or hot chocolate to-go. At Koffiebranderij BOON in the Prinsestraat you can enjoy a specialty coffee made from freshly roasted coffee beans. At Hop&Stork, in a fantastic location at the entrance of the Passage, you can get the best chocolate milk. And do you go for a walk early in the morning? Single Estate Coffee on the Piet Heinstraat opens every weekday from 7.00 am.

Discover the other tips for coffe to-go
Bookstor Noordeinde Den Haag
At Het Nooreinde you will find Bookstor.; a lovely place for coffee (to go), cakes, local art and books.

Public toilets in The Hague and Scheveningen 

Na al die to-go drankjes is het fijn om te weten waar een toilet in de buurt is. Daarom hebben we de openbare toiletten op een rij gezet. In de binnenstad zijn openbare toiletten bij:

  • Centrale Bibliotheek at the Spui
  • Bijenkorf & Hema Grote Markstraat (closed during the lockdown)
  • Central Station
  • Buitenhof at the Biesieklette (bicycle parkingplace)

At Scheveningen you will find the public toilets:

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