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AATG Happily Ever After


Jill storms off, frustrated with her husband, and Jack’s mother, Dame Moody Wench, gives him the impetus he needs to go win her back. However, the new villain, Darius Dastardly, and his cronies Peanut and Wilbur snap up the opportunity to get someone else to do their dirty work and kidnap Jill! 

Meanwhile, Fred and his sidekick Bubbles are trying to turn over a new leaf by becoming heroes themselves. Joining forces with the Dame, they come to Jack’s aid to chase down horrible Darius and free poor Jill from his clutches. With help and motivation from Sabrina, the mystical forest guardian who has been watching over Jack, the good guys make their way to Darius’s mansion where a party is being held. 

After sneaking in to the party, our heroes concoct a sneaky plan to liberate Jill. Facing off against Darius is no mean feat, but with a little luck and a devious maneuver or two, the damsel in distress is saved and they all escape back towards town! 

But Darius and his henchmen are hot on their heels. A confrontation in the town square almost goes horribly wrong, but luckily Sabrina is there to disrupt Darius’s efforts of cruelty with the help of her magical dragon, Custard! The day is saved again, and the townsfolk rejoice once more. Hopefully this time, Jack will have learned his lesson to not take people for granted! 

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