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David MacGregor

David MacGregor is a Scottish composer and guitarist specialised in the genre of World Jazz and a master of on spot improvisation. His career consists of travelling the world performing solo concerts and collaborating with world-renowned artists. In 2004, he started his international career and he has now written and performed his own specialised touring projects all over North American, Latin America and Europe. His unique style is a combination of the many music genres and sounds that he has discovered throughout his travels.

A Night of World Jazz Guitar is one of David's most inspiring performances in which he takes the audience on a journey around the world with sound. He uses fingerstyle technique to create the impression of an entire band with only one guitar playing bass lines, chords and melodies all at the same time. During the show he will play a mixture of original compositions and arrangements of world-renowned songs, as well as telling the stories behind the music.

Listen to jazz the way you have never listen to it before and enjoy his fresh and interesting performance. How many guitars can you hear? How many genres do you identify in each song?

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