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DNR Filmclub - Fitzcarraldo

We open our new season of films with a tribute to the Amazon rain forest, which is increasingly under threat of deforestation and fires. We will show a masterpiece by director Werner Herzog with actor Klaus Kinski which takes place in the Amazonas. The money collected on this evening will be contributed to a reforestation project of The Boa Foundation

Fitzcarraldo (Werner Herzog, 1982)
Werner Herzog’s infamously arduous productions were already legendary when he outdid himself with FITZCARRALDO, a feat as utterly quixotic and improbable as its protagonist. Klaus Kinski stars as the wild-eyed turn-of-the-century Irishman Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald who, before he can realize his dream of building an opera house in the Peruvian jungle, must complete an equally monumental undertaking: hauling an enormous riverboat across a mountain, a spectacle achieved by Herzog and his crew not with models and special effects but through sheer Herculean will. Graced with images of breathtaking poetic beauty, FITZCARRALDO stands as a monument to the audacity of uncompromising artistic vision.

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