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DNR Filmclub | Pervomaisk

Special screening with the director Flora Reznik, who will be present for Q&A.

To celebrate the birthday of DNR, during the month of May we’ll have special screenings with guests and many surprises!

Pervomaisk (Flora Reznik 2017)
To understand why Flora Reznik’s documentary film is called like a remote Ukrainian city and not Kibbutz Metzer - the Israeli commune located 2500 kilometers from Pervomaisk, where the film takes place almost in its entirety - one needs to arrive to the final ten minutes. To “arrive” and not to “await”, because what makes Pervomaisk a precise and potent symbol of so many things is being deciphered on the way towards there. There are lives, as much as there are places, in which History seems to inscribe with traces stronger than usual: many of the dilemmas, tensions and contradictions of the 20th Century are clearly readable in the parable of the kibbutz founded by Pesaj Zaskin, a wrecked utopia that Reznik does not send off with laments, but with the glorious rebellion of a techno song.

* Special screening with the director Flora Reznik, who will be present for a discussion and Q&A.
** More info here: http://florenciareznik.com/pervomaisk/

The film has been supported by the Argentinian National Film Board (INCAA), awarded by the Argentinian National Arts Fund (FNA) and is part of the official selection of the International Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires, 2018 (BAFICI).

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