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Met Jonathan Safran Foer BorderKitchen


De Amerikaanse schrijver Jonathan Safran Foer ken je van zijn romans Alles is verlicht en Extreem luid en ongelooflijk dichtbij. Zijn werk is postmodern en klassiek tegelijk, en tussen de virtuoze stijl en talloze vormexperimenten klopte een écht hart.


Dit najaar verschijnt de Nederlandse vertaling van zijn nieuwste non-fictie boek We Are The Weather – Saving The Planet Begins At Breakfast, waarin hij zich op eigen wijze mengt in het klimaatdebat. Tijdens BorderKitchen kun je in gesprek met Foer, en na afloop je boek laten signeren.


English text

Jonathan Safran Foer took the world by storm around the year 2000: his debut novel Everything is Illuminated was received as the work of a child prodigy, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close would become the book on 9/11. Foer’s work was both post-modern and classic, and between its virtuoso style and countless experiments with form, a real heart was beating. He was the biggest sensation of American literature since David Foster Wallace.


But then, what is a young writer to do, having scaled Mount Olympus at 25? In Foer’s case: reflect. And so, he reinvented himself, as an engaged writer of non-fiction. In Eating Animals, he targeted factory farming. His latest book is called We Are The Weather – Saving The Planet Begins At Breakfast, published by Ambo Anthos. Foer joins in the climate debate as we have come to know him: through a particularly creative essay, in which he states that we might be most successful at saving the climate if we as individuals think carefully about what we eat, as the proverb goes: you are what you eat.


Jonathan Safran Foer (1977, Washington D.C.) is an American novelist and essayist. His work has been translated into countless languages and was made into several movies. In 2016, his most recent novel, Here I am, was published.


During BorderKitchen Jonathan Safran Foer will be interviewed in English about his work and this new novel. After the interview the author will be available to sign books. Our favourite bookseller De Vries Van Stockum Den Haag is also present with Dutch and English copies of the book.

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