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Paardcafe: Blindsided Presents: Dead Heat + Voidcrawler + Serve

Dead Heat have been around for a couple of years; they released their debut EP in 2016. And they’ve just dropped the nine-song debut album Certain Death. Certain Death is very much within the crossover-thrash lineage, and it includes a cover of “Trapped,” a 1986 track from the Crumbsuckers, the New York band who helped to define the sound. (That’s the album-closing secret song.)

But what makes Certain Death so great is that Dead Heat don’t play it like it’s some retro genre to revive. Instead, they play it like it’s urgent and vital fight music. Certain Death works as one of the most cathartic hardcore records I’ve heard in a hot minute, and you can stream it below.

A deadly 5-piece extreme Hardcore/Metal act from Holland. Voidcrawler will stab you in the guts with overwhelming riffs and misanthropic lyrics. Quickly recognized and picked up by the Lowlands Hardcore scene due their aggressive, loud and intense live performance Voidcrawler grinded multiple stages throughout the Netherlands apart.

A 5 piece hardcore band formed in the Netherlands mid 2018. Punishing riffs and lyrics that seethe with inward and outward loathing.

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