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Paardcafé: Listener

Spoken-word act Listener is not exactly a good listener: vocalist Dan Smith has many, way too many stories to tell. With approximately 500 words a song, furiously spitted into the mic, you could almost say that this man must suffer from swimmer lungs. And don’t expext ravings: the sharp lyrics are often poëtic or have a social or political meaning, with every sentence there is some kind of ‘Grandmothers knowledge’. The band supports this with beautiful blowers, thunderous percussion and scorched waves of the sound of a guitar.

That the lyrics sometimes come out of Dan’s mouth with some kind of doubt and the other time yelling, doens’t matter actually, it always goes straight to your heart, what proves that are not only praising reviews, but also reactions on YouTube:

“This is so much more than music”
“Holy crap, I was not prepared for this. I don’t know what it is but it’s amazing.”
“I love this band maybe a little bit too much, their lyrics and their music is just perfect”

One could say that the band originated from Kansas-city belongs to the premier leage of the indie/emocore, but they have such an distinctive sound that they could share this top with no one else: top that with the huge amount of passion and enthusiasm and you understand that this really is a must see.

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