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Triptic of RGB

A small jungle on stage, where plants, vines are intertwined with screens and cables. This is the structure supporting a triptic of digital images, with echoes from the renaissance and baroque. A triptique where satyrs, nymphes and goddesses of our days triumph in their edonistic state of being, between, pop culture and tradition, holy and profane, natural and artificial, a new temple for the pleasure appears. On top of this game of mild irony and overdramatization, two singers will create a melody made of vocal arpeggios and virtuosism. As they are sacerdotesses of this newly created temple. This is work from Mattia Papp, graduated in 2017 in fine arts from the KABK. He was born in Florence in 1993 and his work is influenced by the renaissance remains and the decay that surrounds it. Saints and drunks are hand in hand in Florence. His work is mainly pictorical with reference to both the italian painting tradition and the contemporary dutch painting scene, he works as well with video, and installations. His constant research revolve around the idea of theatricality it self and the combination of multiple discipline, visual and none.

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