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Jan van Goyenhuis

Dunne Bierkade 16a, 2512 BC Den Haag
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This house was the residence of landscape painter Van Goyen. The Dutch Master, known for his painting 'View of The Hague', was a typical landscape painter of the Golden Age and lived at 16 Dunne Bierkade. He settled in The Hague between 1632 and 1634. His daughter was married to Jan Steen. He regularly painted winter landscapes, sea and city views, but never created a portrait, historical piece or still life. His paintings are on display in museums such as the Historical Museum of The Hague. The name Dunne Bierkade refers to the beer imported from Delft that could only be traded in that area of the city. Historians are not 100% sure where the preposition ‘Dunne’ (thin/narrow) originates. It relates either to the watered-down women's beer or the narrower canal.