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Magic of the Maghreb

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Join us on a unique journey through different genres within the classical music of North Africa and discover the fullness and richness of Maghrebian culture and music. An exciting programme by the North Netherlands Orchestra led by conductor Tom Cohen and Moroccan singers Sanaa Marahati.

In 2022, Tom Cohen conducted the Noord Nederlands Orkest during Symphonic Music from Middle East North Africa. After that success, this time they are diving into music and culture from the Maghreb. Classically trained Sanaa Marahati devoted her musical life to the Moroccan Malhoun style, making her one of the last interpreters of this ancient Moroccan-Arab tradition.

Dagen en tijden

vrijdag 16 mei 2025
€ 11,00 – € 42,00
Normal € 19,00 – € 42,00
Youth up to 29 years or student (please bring ID or student card) € 11,00
Normaal € 32,50

Je bent verplicht jouw DenHaagPas bij de entree te tonen.

€ 32,50