Galerie De Twee Pauwen

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Google Reviews

  • André van Boetzelaer

    Mooie galerie.

    6 maanden geleden
  • Ms. Campbell

    I moved to the Hague in the end of 2016. "Museale Kunst de twee pauwen" is in fact the best, the most exceptional collection of art pieces where you will find works of future historic prominence more than any other gallery. With all of who I am, I can literally swear by this - not because I know the founder and certainly not because I admire the rather short-sighted staff who come up with wrong statements such as "the artist's strength" or "I like...". Dinie Boogaart is a genius and her work should be called "Hitting reality", not the sales term "fallen angel". Hitting reality is a black-and-white blur, and yet it is electrically fast to the wire. Eric Goede's "Hii die kijkt" should have been titled "Frame of Mind". All f Goede's pieces are about flux: Flux is the balancing point of unstoppable transition when everything comes together in intent or in steps, as well as disappears into the future. Goede's art is about flux, nothing to do with selling strength or strong metal, okay? (grrrr). And, in another example where I do not ever want to talk to the sales rep perhaps again is the stunning masterpiece "War Child (A, B), Mari Meszaros." The genius of this artist is a message of their undeveloped fragility. Think, please! Look at glass: it shatters, there is nothing developed underneath in a child. The molded fragmented children are made in a dark glass - ne that has not even the slightest reflecting light in the children's eyes or faces! This artist was absolutely incredible genius. When you enter this Museale Kunst de twee pauwen, please do not dare overlook the incredible capture of every stroke, carve, and suspension by each artist. Yes, deep messages are powerful portrayals. The artists are not inspired to create products. If you want a product, you are merely buying a piece of time. If you want eternity, buy a piece of de twee pauwen . Even if you do not see what I see, or if you only see what the sales reps see, you are lucky to be able to own any of the art that this gallery will allow you to buy. I know - or rather, I can literally swear that it has the richest and most astonishing collection of art that will be the top remembered and chosen as symbols of our time,and for all the centuries to come. I may re-edit this commentary bcause I know it is too long. But, for now, it is straight out of the rawness of my thoughts.

    2 maanden geleden
  • Marco Lin

    Delightful taste in art, whilst offering a diversity in styles it maintains a high level of quality within that diversity. Particularly impressed by how nearly all art had a strong evocative character in some form or another! The staff is very friendly and more than willing to converse on their collection, clearly showing that they have been very thoughtful in choosing the showcased art pieces. A delightful little gallery worth visiting.

    een jaar geleden
  • Paul Woudstra

    10 maanden geleden

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