De Haagse Marrek

Herman Costerstraat, De Haag


Sogt tikket Près


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  • alvin sartor

    The Haagse markt is the perfect place to do grocery shopping! High quality and low prices, a lot of choice, also for other products than food. The fish section is incredible! If you need some fish you better try there first and you'll sure that if you can't find it there, it doesn't exist.

    a week ago
  • Joan Geerlings

    Always great to be on the Hague market, the largest in Europe. It has become beautiful. There is everything you can think of to find & usually for a very good price. Many choices of clothing, vegetables & fruit etc. At the stall at the front of the market, the delicious Kibbeling & other fried fish is a must when visiting the market.

    a month ago
  • Mandy Vixen

    Best market. They got an award for it. Love to get fresh produce and fish there. As well as fabrics and whatnot for my crafts. Big market

    a week ago
  • tamilew329

    This place disappoints every time despite being described as the largest market in the Netherlands. All goods are designed to fall apart before you board one of the trams running the length of the market. The fruits and veggies are not farm fresh and look wilted. The meat smells rancid. I have yet to understand the appeal. Yet every market day the place is teeming with families looking for a bargain.

    in the last week
  • Kennedy

    Almost everything there, however, make sure that its fresh before Buying. And some shopkeepers try charging more that whats advertised. Be direct and watch everything.

    3 weeks ago