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For the Love of the World - Philosophy, Technology & Art Festival

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Love is said to conquer all, but how do we maintain love for our world in times of war and crisis? This festival invites you to explore new perspectives and rediscover the beauty of our planet. Together, we will challenge our assumptions and uncover what has been overlooked. 

Through a combination of philosophy, technology and art, we will rediscover the world with fresh, loving eyes. We will not only focus on what has been neglected before, such as the feminine, non-Western perspectives, animals, plants, and things, but also our own sensitivities and physicality.Join us in creating a more loving and compassionate world. Let’s revive the world with a sensitive and loving art of living that’s fit for the 21st century – and beyond. [Nederlands en Engels gesproken] 

Dagen en tijden

zaterdag 23 maart 2024
€ 24,50
zaterdag 23 maart 2024
€ 24,50