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Gentsestraat en Stevinstraat, Den Haag


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  • Wieteke Ridderhof

    Kundig endodontoloog maar afspraken maken (of nakomen) gaat heel moeizaam. Afspraak stond al 2 maanden en 2 uur ervoor door ze afgezegd door "onvoldoende middelen in huis". Ging om een operatieve behandeling waar met werk voor is geschoven en vervoer is geregeld. Al de tweede keer dat een afspraak last minute is afgezegd.. helaas maar ik ga naar een andere endodontoloog..

    4 maanden geleden
  • Kiek We

    Uitstekende tandartsen en onrthodondisten, ik ben erg tevreden over de hele praktijk

    een jaar geleden
  • D I

    I have just stopped being their client because they reached the point beyond ridiculousness. I had been a client while Dr Hildernisse was the only dentist there, so I’ve been loyal for a long, long time. I was OK with just about anything: Sloppy billings, frequent change of kids in charge of my teeth, illogical proposals as to what to do… But I can’t take it anymore. First off, they still haven’t update the site where it says that they are open till 21:00 hrs p.m. They are going to update it now, when I told them to. I’ve been in pain for weeks and they haven’t done anything, just advised me “to try with the “painkillers” or “to come again”. Why on earth do I have to keep on coming? Just because of their sloppy billing skills? The service is below zero. Luckily, there are many others who fight for their clients.

    in de afgelopen week
  • Elizabeth

    Sloppy billing—go elsewhere!! Despite paying in full for my appointment, I received a bill for a day I never had an appointment. I immediately called, and the receptionist was completely uninterested in clearing up the error. Even though I had not been in the day of the wrong invoice, she wouldn’t do any investigation herself and insisted I find a bank statement to prove I’d paid plus my old invoice (luckily I had kept both). Fast forward two months later, when I thought it was behind me, and they have sent me to a collection agency!! This has taken hours of my life to clear up, and they have been completely rude and indifferent to a situation caused entirely by their mistake!

    5 maanden geleden
  • Mar Raats

    4 maanden geleden