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Belgisch Park

Gentsestraat en Stevinstraat, 2587 HV The Hague
Belgisch Park Scheveningen
Belgisch Park Scheveningen
Belgisch Park

Belgisch Park (Belgian Park) in the northwest of The Hague is located directly behind the most popular part of Scheveningen beach. This chic district, which is now a protected townscape, is characterized by beautiful villas, abundant greenery and its proximity to the sea and dunes. Stevinstraat and Gentsestraat are the most important shopping streets in Belgisch Park. Both streets offer a varied selection of smaller shops and charming terraces. In addition to visiting specialist shops, visitors can stroll through the local market stalls in Stevinstraat every Thursday. Its unique stores, its location near the coast in the vicinity of many popular attractions and the chic allure of the magnificent villas make Belgisch Park an excellent spot to shop in Scheveningen both for city dwellers and tourists.

Chic neighbourhood with magnificent villas
Belgisch Park is a quiet, fairly chic neighbourhood in The Hague with magnificent houses in various styles. Many of these villas were built at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, during the period of revivalism and art nouveau in The Hague. The first villas were not actually intended as permanent residences, but rather as holiday homes for seaside visitors and temporary living quarters for artists. The majority of beautiful houses are located on Belgischeplein. The architecture of Belgischeplein is reminiscent of another Scheveningen neighbourhood: Statenkwartier. Even though this square is not located directly in the centre of Belgisch Park, it still functions as the heart of the neighbourhood. Everything has been built around this square and the most important shopping streets are also located in the vicinity of this attractive park.

Shopping near the beach
The Belgisch Park shopping area is located in a very tasteful neighbourhood within walking distance of Scheveningen beach. A visit to Gentsestraat and Stevinstraat is therefore perfect for combining with a day by the sea. Both streets offer a varied selection of smaller shops. There is something for everyone's taste here. This is not only a great spot to shop for daily groceries, but also a shopping area suitable for fashion lovers. The fashion boutiques have their own collections which differ from the mass fashion brands sold by major fashion chains.

  • Dobey Scheveningen: petstore at Stevingstraat 135
  • Bennies Fifties: in a side street off Stevinstraat you will find the most charming retro and vintage store in the Netherlands
  • Cocolie: original and exclusive gifts in crystal, porcelain and silver
  • De Haagse Dames: high-end, trendy second-hand women's fashion
  • Grande des Grandes: for decades specialising in contemporary women's fashion in sizes 44-60
  • Max Dohle Mode & Lingerie: specialising in high-quality trousers and lingerie
  • Robberts Juwelier: hand-made jewellery full of amazing colours

Food and beverages
Stevinstraat and Gentsestraat are perfect both for lunch and dinner. In addition to the small shops, in fact, there are different eateries that offer more intimacy than the busy restaurants in Scheveningen-Bad:


  • Lunchroom Eigen: two girlfriends who prepare fresh delicacies every day
  • John's Inn: cosy Scheveningen café with live music every last Saturday of the month
  • Prosecco Restorante Italiano: authentic dishes from the Italian cuisine
  • Puur Eetcafé: delicious hamburgers in big burger or lady burger format
  • Visrestaurant Hans Roeleveld: enjoy daily fresh fish products in a homely atmosphere

Events in Belgisch Park
Every Thursday, the local market is held in Stevinstraat, where you can enjoy a casual stroll through the different stalls selling foodstuffs, clothing, plants and lifestyle accessories. On King's Day, a giant annual flea market is organised: the loveliest things are sold in Stevinstraat, around Belgische Plein and in the surrounding streets. Halloween and Sinterklaas are also regular annual happenings. During Halloween, children dress up as scarily as possible and walk past the stores in Gentsestraat and Stevinstraat. The atmospheric procession is enhanced by additional activities and music. The shopping area is also visited by Sinterklaas. Children can welcome the Sint and his Piets and participate in diverse workshops, such as making their own delicacies.

The construction of Belgisch Park began in 1883, as a direct result of the completion of the Kurhaus in Scheveningen and Koninginnegracht. The management of the villa park was in the hands of Hollandsch-Belgische Bouwgrondmaatschappij. This is where the name 'Belgische Park' originated from. The neighbourhood design was commissioned by E. Cambier, director of Societé Anonyme des tramways de La Haye. Landscape architect T. Coppieters created the design for Belgisch Park. The neighbourhood was ornamented with many trees and parks, and this is still the case today. The large front gardens from those days create a rich and luxurious streetscape.
Immediately after the completion of Belgisch Park, the streets still had no names. On the contrary, the villas did. As a result, mail was always addressed to 'The Neighbourhood behind Badhuisweg' followed by the name of the villa.

Belgisch Park shopping area is located some 500 metres from Scheveningen-Bad. In addition to the extensive sandy beach, the Hague resort has much more to offer including famous attractions such as the famous Pier, SEA LIFE, Museum Sculptures at the Sea, the Circustheater, Holland Casino and the Meijendel dune area. The immediate vicinity of Belgisch Park offers a wealth of activities for young and old during every season. After a refreshing walk along the beach, drop in at the restaurants and cafés on the boulevard and the year-round beach clubs to enjoy a delicious dinner with a view of the sea. Nearby SEA LIFE Scheveningen is a must for a day out with children. The Pathé cinema, Circustheater and Holland Casino guarantee a great evening out in Scheveningen. The historic city centre of The Hague is only ten minutes from Belgisch Park! 

Stevinstraat and Gentesestraat are easy to reach by car via Van Alkemadelaan-Zwolsestraat and Nieuwe Parklaan. Parking tickets must be paid in the entire vicinity. So, if you come by car, it is better to park in one of the parking garages in Scheveningen which are open 24 hours a day. Parking Scheveningen Bad in Zwolsestraat, Parking Nieuwe Parklaan and Parking Kurhaus are all located between three and 5 minutes' walk from Belgisch Park shopping area. For practical information regarding the best route, directions and parking in Scheveningen, visit denhaag.com/en/scheveningen-directions.
Travel by public transport from The Hague city centre to the shopping area takes around fifteen minutes. From the station Den Haag Centraal, take tram 9 towards Scheveningen. You can also take tram 1, in which case you will have to get off at Kurhaus. Bus 22 also runs from the centre to Belgisch Park.


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