About denhaag.com

Denhaag.com is the address of tourist and cultural The Hague. Denhaag.com is managed by The Hague Marketing Bureau. The Hague Marketing Bureau is the independent umbrella marketing organization for the promotion of The Hague, Scheveningen and Kijkduin. With our collective marketing activities we put the city on the (inter) national map as an interesting recreational and business destination.


Who built this website and who manages it?

Flink from The Hague is the designer and (technical) developer of denhaag.com, together with a so-called product owner from The Hague Marketing Bureau, who has determined all functionalities (in consultation with various stakeholders). The further development and content management of denhaag.com is with The Hague Marketing Bureau.

What is new about this website?

With this website, the leisure time offer of The Hague is better and more clearly accessible than before. Not only is denhaag.com bundling both static and dynamic leisure information in one place, the information has also been made available where relevant in different languages ​​and additional visual material has been developed that fits within the new editorial formula of The Hague Marketing Bureau. The new website is also suitable for all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile), designed from mobile use and built on a separate data platform that can also provide other channels with information through the new The Hague API.

Who is this website for?

For both (inter) national tourists and residents of The Hague.

What does the data platform and The Hague API mean?

With this API other digital channels can also be filled without having to manage all content. The content of the new website can therefore also be reused (under certain conditions). If you have any questions about this, send an email to info@denhaag.com.

I have a great suggestion for the website. Where can I leave it?

Nice! Send an email with a short, clear description to info@denhaag.com. If it is really a new and special idea, we will contact you.