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Koninklijk - Paleis Noordeinde

Royal The Hague


The Hague is a royal city with a high feel-good factor. After all, you might all of a sudden encounter members of the Royal Family on the street or in one of 'their' stores. You might pass by the House of Orange; the many historical monuments, the presence of residential and working palaces, royal thoroughfares and horse-drawn coaches.

Palaces of The Hague
Stel shoppend in het Museumkwartier Den Haag
Royal shopping
The Royal walking route
Een bezoeker in rolstoel in het Mauritshuis
Royal wheelchair route
Paleis Noordeinde Den Haag
Background info about the dutch Royalties (Dutch)
Podcast: Home off Oranje Nassau (Dutch)
Podcast: Leeuwarden: de stad van ‘Marijke Meu’
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