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Koninklijk - Paleis Noordeinde

Royal The Hague

The Hague is a royal city with a high feel-good factor. After all, you might all of a sudden encounter members of the Royal Family on the street or in one of 'their' stores. You might pass by the House of Orange; the many historical monuments, the presence of residential and working palaces, royal thoroughfares and horse-drawn coaches.
Welcome to the royal city by the sea

Back to the past: the history of the Royal Family in The Hague

The Hague and the Royal Family belong together. For more than four centuries, the Royal Family have lived in The Hague almost continuously, first as stadtholders, later as kings and queens. During that period, they have literally left their mark on the city. Prince Maurits was the first to settle in the city. In 1585, he took up residence in the Stadholder's Quarters at Binnenhof and built the Mauritstoren named after him - thus making The Hague a court city. A real court culture only developed under Maurits' successor and half-brother Prince Frederik Hendrik. He had the court greatly expanded and organised grand celebrations. Stadholder Frederik Hendrik also had various palaces built, such as Honselaarsdijk Palace in the Westland and Huis ter Nieuburch in Rijswijk (both later demolished) and Huis ten Bosch.

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Royal Tour

In and around the city you will find many royal sights. While walking you will pass many historical monuments, residential and working palaces and sometimes a beautiful carriage will suddenly pass by. You might also just bump into the royal family on the street or in one of the shops they like to frequent. And have you ever noticed the little crowns on the lampposts? You will find them along the route of the glass coach that runs from the Royal Stables via Binnenhof to Lange Voorhout to Palace Noordeinde.

Want to know more about these locations? Then listen, walk and watch the "Royal Tour", a royal walk with audio and video clips. With this 'Royal Tour' you will discover the wealth of the royal city. Walk past the many palaces, historical monuments and beautiful palace gardens and be enchanted by the images and stories from our royal history. At some locations you will see "Golden tiles" on the ground, be sure to read these short texts.

Walkingroute Royal Walk

Flag flying at Palace Noordeinde?

Palace Noordeinde, with its ornately landscaped garden, is located on Noordeinde, one of The Hague's most elegant shopping streets. Noordeinde Palace has been the centre of important events in the life of the royal family. For instance, Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard and Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien married from this palace. Wilhelmina and Juliana were born there. Both King Willem III, his second wife Queen Mother Emma and Queen Wilhelmina lived at Noordeinde Palace. Today, King Willem-Alexander works here. When he is in the country, the flag, the royal standard, flies on the palace.

Paleis Noordeinde
The magnet among royal attention-seekers: Palace Noordeinde.

Experience Prince's Day

Prinsjesdag is the traditional start of the parliamentary year for the Senate and House of Representatives in The Hague. On this third Tuesday in September, King Willem-Alexander delivers the speech from the throne in the Ridderzaal, in which the government announces its main plans for the coming year. Prior to the reading of the speech from the throne, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima travel in the Glass Coach, followed by other important members, in a carriage ride from Noordeinde Palace via Lange Voorhout to the Binnenhof. Prior to this festive day, all kinds of activities will be organised in the city. From the PrinsjesHatwalk to the spectacular beach exercise of the Cavalerie Ere-Escort in Scheveningen. The whole month of September revolves around Royal The Hague!

Go to the Prinsjesfestival

Prinsjesfestival celebrates the feast of democracy. Every year, on and in the run-up to Prinsjesdag, the festival offers a programme full of festive and substantive activities around the theme of democracy. At the PrinsjesMarkt, for instance, you will find various hat designers, you can join the PrinsjesHatwalk, where a guide will take you past typical locations in The Hague, and you can join the PrinsjesOntbijt.

Prince's Day must be experienced once!
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