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Greens in The Park

The Hague and sustainability

The Hague is literally a green city, 11 kilometers of beach, woods and parks. The Hague has got it all. However The Hague is also figuratively a green city. More and more sustainable initiatives such as hotel with a green key certificate, restaurants who collaborate with local suppliers and serve local products, and (vintage) stores with sustainable collections are found in the Hofstad. The number of sustainable initiatives is growing, amazing!

From sustainable stays in a green hotel to responsible and local shopping and dining. There are tons of sustainable options in The Hague. You can experience the city and truly be aware of the surroundings. Are you planning to come to The Hague with your electric vehicle? There are charge options available too, how convenient!

Did you know that The Hague is one of the greenest cities in Europe? With over 111.000 hectares of dunes, parks and other land estates. The Hofstad offers all the space to enjoy the nature. The Hague even contains more trees than residents!

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