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Information centre Binnenhof Renovation

Plaats 22, 2513 AE The Hague
Informatiecentrum Binnenhof Renovatie
10:00 - 16:00
10:00 – 16:00
10:00 – 16:00
10:00 – 16:00
10:00 – 16:00
12:00 – 16:00
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wheelchair friendly kids
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Historical, Other

The Binnenhof Renovation Information Centre is the place where visitors can learn all about the progress of the renovation of the Binnenhof, the archaeological finds in the Binnenhof and the 800-year history of the complex. Just a stone's throw from the Binnenhof, discover how big and unique this operation is.

Informatiecentrum Binnenhof Renovatie - The Hague & Partners/Arjan de Jager


The Binnenhof has been the centre of Dutch politics and one of The Hague's most famous landmarks for centuries. Its origins date back to the construction of a castle by the Counts of Holland, who held their residence there since the 13th century. Even today, you will find the office of the prime minister, the highest political administrator of the Netherlands, in the Torentje.

'The Binnenhof complex comprises some 4,000 rooms, spaces, chambers, halls, corridors, attics and cellars. The total floor area is almost 90,000 square metres!'

The renovation of the Binnenhof started in September 2021. Most of the buildings are monumental. The renovation is urgently needed to restore a safe and healthy workplace for everyone. Moreover, the Binnenhof complex must be and remain easily accessible. The renovation of the Binnenhof will ensure the preservation of 800 years of cultural heritage. After the renovation, the users of the Binnenhof will again be able to work in a responsible, sustainable and modern way.

Informatiecentrum Binnenhof Renovatie -  The Hague & Partners
Informatiecentrum Binnenhof Renovatie -  The Hague & Partners

Archaeological finds

Archaeological finds are regularly made during the work. From crypts and old building structures to objects and skeletons. After thorough investigation, these finds are exhibited in the information centre. So you can literally look the centuries-old history of the Binnenhof in the eye.

Informatiecentrum Binnenhof Renovatie -  The Hague & Partners


The Information Center can be found at Plaats 22, 2513 AE in The Hague.

Public Transportation
Streetcar 1 (Kneuterdijk stop) and streetcars 15 and 17 (Buitenhof stop) stop near the entrance. From Den Haag CS station you can walk to the Plaats in about fifteen minutes.

Parking garages
Around the Binnenhof there are several parking garages within a 10-minute walk of Plaats 22, for example Museumkwartier Car Park and Q-Park Noordeinde.

More information

There is much more to discover about the courtyard renovation. So read more about the latest plans and work on the website of The Central Government Real Estate Agency.

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