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Nature in The Hague

Nature in The Hague

Are you a nature lover and fond of walking in greenery? Then The Hague is more than worth a visit! With thousands of hectares of dune areas and parks, the Hague coast offers all the space you need to enjoy freedom and nature. And by the way, did you know that The Hague's coastline alone is 11 kilometres long? That's a lot of metres of natural enjoyment!

Discover a sea of space in The Hague's nature

The Hague is a green city by the sea. When visiting the city, you will be amazed at the amount of greenery and parks around you. The Hague has never had city rights, so there was no need to build a city wall. This left plenty of space for greenery! If you head towards the sea, there are not only beaches but also amazing dune areas. What a wealth!

Those hectares of dune areas and parks together with Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen form a 43-kilometre-long continuous coastal landscape in Zuid-Holland that includes Meijendel and the Westduin Park.

NPHD Meijendell skyline Den Haag
On the edge of the city, next to Wassenaar, you will find nature reserve Meijendel. Highly recommended!

Parks and forests throughout the city

The Hague is a city surrounded by fantastic parks and substantial forests. Right in the city centre with the Haagse Bos or the Palace Gardens, the Scheveningen Woods between the city and the beach or the immense Zuiderpark on the southeast side of the city: no matter where you are, green nature is always close by here. Beautiful parks include Clingendael and Park Sorghvliet.

Japanse Tuin Landgoed Clingendael
Japanse Tuin in Den Haag
The showpiece of Park Clingendael: the Japanese Garden!

Walking and cycling

Walking or cycling is the best way to enjoy The Hague's nature. With the various cycling and walking routes, you can fully enjoy these beautiful parks, forests, dunes and beaches. Each route has its own theme with carefully chosen sights. With your mobile in hand, you effortlessly navigate the city like a true local. 

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