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What are the opening times of The Hague Information Store (VVV)?

View the opening times of THIS (VVV) here 

Can I buy tickets for the Zuiderstrand Theater and the Nieuwe Kerk at The Hague Information Store (VVV)?

No, you should contact the Zuiderstrand box office by T: +31(0)70-8800333 or you can visit the desk of the theater in the central library of The Hague. Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 1 pm to 6 pm.

I am looking for a hotel / apartment / B&B and would like to book an overnight stay.

The The Hague Information Store (VVV) does not make reservations for hotels, apartments or B&B’s. You will find an overview of accommodations in The Hague / Scheveningen and the region here

Can I receive a map or guide of The Hague?

Of course you can order the brochure by e-mail. Because we want to work as much as possible paper free and with sustainable enterprise we ask if you really need something to have send or that you can read our guide This Is The Hague here.

We are coming with a large group to The Hague and would like to have a guided tour or day program.

We have made a list with partners that can make custom made programs and offer guides in different languages. Click here  for the list. 

Where can I park during a day trip to The Hague with my coach or where can I get people to get in and out near the highlights of The Hague?

Parking during a day in The Hague for coaches and getting in and out near the highlights of The Hague There are reserved places for long-term parking for coaches. There are also reserved places where passengers can get in and out in the vicinity of tourist places. Parking fees do not have to be paid at the reserved places.

View the reserved places on the map  

  • long-term parking (indicated by a pink / purple stripe)
  • to allow passengers to board and disembark (indicated by a blue line).


Information about accessibility for disabled people

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