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Reuzenrad en Bungeejumpen op de Pier in Scheveningen

Calender entry form

Fill in the form and register your event, performance, workshop, exhibition or other activity for the calendar. Please allow for a processing time of up to three weeks. Please submit the text in Dutch and, if applicable, in English.
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Example: Daniel Arends - At home I hardly ever talk
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Choose 1 or more options:

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Describe in max 150 words the content of the event.
In two or more paragraphs, describe the event

Where will the event take place?

First check if your location is listed on denhaag.com (use the search function). If not, send all location details to info@denhaag.com.


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Briefly state here what the tickets cost
For example € 12,50 - 28,50
If free, indicate: 0
For example: Normal € 20,00, Child up to 12 yrs € 15,00

Date and time

If the activity takes place on several days and/or times, please indicate this clearly in the field above.

Contact information

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  • Please note: minimum size 1600x1200 pixels (max. 7MB).
  • Image may not contain text and/or logos. Preferably a landscape image in high resolution.
  • Posters and/or flyers cannot be published.
  • Only upload royalty-free photos. It is assumed that the images provided may be used freely or have been purchased by the organisation for use. 
  • Photographs are required at registration, otherwise the event cannot be published. 

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