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Selfie bij de Hofvijver

Travel Trade - The Hague


The Travel Trade department of The Hague & Partners is proud to serve you with excellent, tailor-made and free of charge advice on the latest developments in the city's touristic activities. As a non-profit expert in The Hague, we can provide you with an extensive range of products and services, such as general and group advice, promotional material and setting up FAM trips and site inspections.

Why The Hague?

Some destinations should be cherished forever and The Hague is one of them. The Hague offers everything in one: city by the sea, royal city and international city of peace and justice. You will find plenty of culture with new styles and old masters, royal palaces, hip shops, trendy restaurants and two seaside resorts. The Hague is the only major Dutch city by the sea with no less than 11 kilometres of beach. A unique combination to experience the ultimate holiday feeling here in all seasons.

  • City by the Sea - You can enjoy the beach all year round in The Hague. Whether it is for a beach day or a dinner at one of the beach pavilions, or for a winter's day of fresh air followed by a hot chocolate. The Hague has the luxury of 11 kilometres of coast on its doorstep. Each section of beach has its own vibe.
  • Royal city - The Hague is not only the home and workplace of the king. It is also a royal city with allure thanks to its many historical monuments, living and working palaces, royal routes and carriages.
  • City of Peace and Justice - In The Hague, people work hard every day for a better world. Symbol of this is the Peace Palace. This palace was built some 100 years ago. It laid a solid foundation for The Hague as an international city of peace and justice. Besides the Peace Palace, there are many other places and buildings where people work towards a safer and more just world. People from all corners of the world come to 'The Hague' to solve global problems together. This makes The Hague the beating heart of world peace.
Louwman Museum
Louwman Museum
The mix of museums, hotels, restaurants, city walks and conviviality makes The Hague a very interesting and attractive product. The clients (and I) really enjoyed it! Several group requests have already been made.
– Sjur – Bralux Travel
Koninklijk - Paleis Noordeinde
Zee van Ruimte - Duinen Den Haag
A rare combination: a royal city by the sea!
Vredespaleis - foto Theo Bos
One of The Hague's eye-catchers: the Peace Palace.

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