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The Royal Ten Light

The Royal Ten

This year, The Royal Ten will look different than you expected. 

Because at the time of making decisions there was still too much uncertainty about the passage of major events, the organization has decided to organize a "light version" of this beautiful course this year. In other words, The Royal Ten Light

The start/finish location this year will not be in the Beatrixkwartier, but at the clubhouse of The Hague Road Runners (the road athletics association behind The Royal Ten), located at 11 Groenendaal in Wassenaar. 

Start Time

  •  5km start at 10:40 am 
  • 10km start at 10:30 am

Start ticket for both distances costs €8. You can register via the website of The Royal Ten Light 

With great effort, the organization has been able to make sure to map out a nice course for you, even during this light version. From the clubhouse of The Hague Road Runners, the course will lead you via walking and cycling paths through the beautiful nature reserve of Wassenaar and Scheveningen.

The Royal Ten

Dates and Times

Sunday 4 June
Clubhouse The Hague Road Runners
€ 8,00
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