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Holiday and amusement park Duinrell

Duinrell 1, WASSENAAR


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  • Bram Groenhof

    Absolutely love it. Been going here on a yearly basis for a while now. Parking structure has more than enough room & the park itself is good fun. The best part is the swimming pool though. Not a single swimming pool in the Netherlands has come close to the one you'll find here.

    2 months ago
  • Ailsa Mcmullan

    Awesome! There's something for everyone here. We were really lucky with the weather which helps. There's loads to do and it's been added to since we were here 2yrs ago. Our accommodation wasn't quite so good this time but this is reflected in the price. We would definitely recommend 😊

    4 months ago
  • csb

    Found out about this great place by chance trawling the net and decided to give it a go as we have never been to Holland. The Theme park and Tiki pool was excellent, lovely fresh food served in restaurant, steaks, half chicken, pizza to name a few, we took the all inclusive option which was excellent value, the site is large, clean and kept to a high standard. Tenpin bowling in the bar kept us entertained in the evening there is also table tennis, pool etc. If you want a "nice" holiday with your family with like minded people then this is the place to go to. We flew from Liverpool to Amsterdam then got the inexpensive train from airport to Leiden then bus to Wassenaar, once off the bus it was about a mile walk to Duinrell. There is a bus stop outside the main gate but this bus takes you to The Hague which we did for a day out. The next time we go (if I don't drive) we will get off the train at The Hague and get the more convenient bus.(If there is a direct bus from Leiden I stand to be corrected). Top Tips : Rent a bike on the first day, we rented our bikes on the third morning and missed a trick ! They actually made getting around really easy and made the holiday for us. Our accomodation was set in woodland and was good but if you can stretch to the premium digalo's then do so as they looked brilliant. Don't just take my word for it, go and enjoy.

    a month ago
  • Samo Ahmad

    Where do i begin, we arrived at 5 pm me my wife 8 month old baby and 2 year old baby. Check in was smooth on arrival to comfort bungalow was dirty dusty spiders everywhere. We called reception and they offered to clean the dust, i said its ok i would clean it myself, at this point we just wanted to enjoy our holiday, we went to eat at the plaza the food was good as well as the service, the supermarket is well stocked and well prices i must say. We then headed back to our dugilow. My wife and 8 month old went to bed and me and my two year old were watching tv. 30 minutes later my wife came out her body was covered with bite marks and red patches she was itching all over and started feeling warm. We called the reception and 2 security guards came by ,we showed them the bite marks by then we took our 8 month old out of bed and noticed she also had bite marks. We ask the guards what could be done ( they were very friendly by the way) they informed us that they could offer us another bungalow, at this point it was 11pm, we didnt trust another bungalow or this place anymore and decided we would just drive the 2 half hours back home . The guards told us duinrell does not refund money even if there at fault. And to call back tommorow to speak to the manager. At this point i just wanted to get out of there, the safety and health of my family is more important than anything. You can imagine with two babies during the middle of the night driving back And packing everything all over again. Next day i called fiona who is the manager ( most arrogant unproffesional, rude manager i have ever come accross) i informed her of the situation, my frustration and disappointment . I asked her for a refund to which she replied no, so i asked her what would be done in such a sitiation to which she replied we will bring a company to inspect the room and if they find there is bed bugs we might refund you. I told her how do i know a company will actually come to which she replied im starting to not trust your manner and will hang up the phone. I think you get the drift of the conversation. Do not book here it is the most unprofessional disgusting place to sleep i have ever come accross. Stay in a hotel in den hague and come for the day to the amusment park and pool is my advice...

    a month ago
  • Maria Keller

    Really enjoyed holidays here when I was a child. The swimming pool is worth a daily visit.

    a month ago