Hostel The Hague

Lutherse Burgwal 5, The Hague


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Google Reviews

  • Alin Acatitla

    Good location and view. Quite small rooms but good toilets and showers. Great staff and ambiance...

    3 months ago
  • naledi morren

    I have a really strong feeling that one of the girls who works there stole my purse. I had it on me when I arrived after a night out. I couldn't find it when I checked out. Searched all of my belongings & couldn't find it even though I went back twice to ask if they found it. It's a nice hostel but a hunch is a hunch & I trust my gut on this. It's always a pitty when you have something as important as a purse stolen from you by a person who has "more" than you.

    5 months ago
  • Mix Bath

    Nice rooms, but warm. Showers and restrooms very clean. Smooth and unique beer!

    2 months ago
  • Nicola Lampis

    Live music, jam session and good beer. Nice breakfast

    4 months ago
  • Bryan Angelo

    Rooms are nice and compact and the toilets and showers are clean. It was a nice experience for the weekend.

    4 months ago