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Novotel Den Haag World Forum

Johan de Wittlaan 42-44, The Hague

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Google Reviews

  • Alexander Hoffmann

    It is a nice hotel with right sized, clean rooms with up to date furniture. It would be nice if it had a restaurant for dinner but at least they serve snacks at the bar. The only thing I really didn't like was the parking. It is fine for bicycles but very dangerous for cars. Both getting in and out is virtually impossible without scratching your car or damaging your wheels. If you think this is just me take a look at the entrance or exit, you will find tons of scratches from many cars everywhere.

    4 months ago
  • Chandrasekhar Reddy

    That is a nice hotel. Eco-friendly. Basic amenities like glass to keep the toothbrush and paste is plastic, which is annoying. No coffee or Tea cups. Paper cups are placed. Cheap. Room will be covered and carpetted, not good for dust allergents.... This is not what I expected from a high rise hotel.

    in the last week
  • Rafal L

    Nice and big hotel. Good for conferences. Parking too pricey (normally it cost 25 EUR a day but you can get discount to 22 EUR). Little bit far from any shop and bus or train stop. However there are very clean rooms and the breakfast is eatable. The staff is friendly and competent. I recommend this hotel.

    4 months ago
  • Keely Beirne

    Bed bugs!!!!!!! Stay away. The staff takes the situation lightly. The man across from me had them and they moved him down the hall. No doubt they would spread. Complimentary wash but with no time for the return so I’m clothesless in a bed bug infested hotel. Do not book.

    2 months ago
  • Brady Deva

    First of all, every hotel staff member I met was friendly and professional. However, some of the tangible aspects could use work. For example, in the first room I stayed in, I came in to find the toilet dismantled. The fact that that was not noticed and flagged by housekeeping prior to me entering makes me question how much attention they are paying. Luckily I was able to switch to the room next door. However, since I had already begun unpacking before I noticed the issue, an offer to upgrade my stay in some way would have been nice. Across the hotel, I noticed that over the years, the carpet has become rather stained and shabby. The carpet in the 11th floor hallway has a musty door. Some other small things were simply disappointments at this price point. The complimentary bottled water in my room was not replaced every day. The temperature of the shower suddenly becomes very hot or very cold for just a few seconds, without warning. The A/C unit was very loud at the highest setting, and still could not effectively cool my room. The iron is very low quality, and guests would be much better served by a steam iron. It would be nice if the bathrooms were supplied with washcloths and hair conditioner. It would also be nice if the bed was made such that the comforter could reach the top of the bed. These are all very little complaints, but added up, make a stay less restful than one would hope for.

    7 months ago