Hotel Restaurant

Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus

Gevers Deynootplein 30, The Hague

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  • Keen Eye

    Definitely not up to the standard I would have hoped, especially given the price. Bar service left our drinks out for so long that after 10 minutes of watching them chat I went up and served myself. As well as reporting a stained carpet and told in the bathroom, which we reported and were told "if it is stained that probably means they couldn't get it out before" and the shower still ran green when used later. Would not recommend for the price. The only reason for the second star is the location, the swimming and fitness and the nice waitress we had for dinner.

    2 months ago
  • Markos Wahid

    Only used the spa facilities. The swimming pool is not so big. The sauna is pretty large which can fit 8 people lying down. In addition there is an infra red room and Turkish steam room. There is a large cold shower area with 6 different shower methods. From a bucket with water above your head to a cold mist (shower gel available ). There are electric lockers. available. Also there is a place outside where you can chill in the tan sun with a nice view to the beach. Finally there are also some fitness facilities. You can spend a couple of hours here. Most of the facilities look pretty new.

    a month ago
  • Liam O'Brien

    I had lunch here at the waves restaurant on the 21st. Firstly the service is extremely slow with the entertainmwnt of seagulls eating off of the not cleared table next to us. We ordered 4 meals, 3 club sandwiches all of which were made with stale bread. The burger which was served dropping in egg yolk (of which there was no mention of on the menu) was returned. The 'freshly squeezed' orange juice was also returned as last time I check concentrate is not fresh. The service from the manager was terrible, she refused to give her name and said that there was no other manager in the hotel. No sorry was given at all for the poor service or poor quality of food and drink. All in all a terrible experience and I will for sure not be returning.

    3 weeks ago
  • Rogier 'DocWilco' Mulhuijzen

    Absolutely not worthy of 5 star rating. Airconditioning only stays on for 4 hours and then switches off. This is a known problem that management decides to do nothing about, and tells staff to lie about. Staff will stall, and tell you a mechanic will look at it, but nothing happens. They will also make excuses like "we called your room, noone answered." As if they don't have a key to all the rooms, or my phone number. Also, the rooms are tiny, the elevators slow, and everything is warn down and stained. It feels like this place is just trying to wring as much money out of their reputation of old, without spending any money on anything.

    a week ago

    Very cosy hotel. Small rooms but with all amenities. Old architecture, nicely maintained. Complimentary mini-bar including the wine bottles. Very friendly and courteous staff. Beach is just behind the hotel, with a very nice promenade, The Pier, Giant wheel, and a lot of options for dining. Must stay hotel if you are in The Hague, Netherlands...

    4 months ago

Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus is part of the route 'Along The Hague's shoreline'

This beach walk takes you along the multi-kilometre-long coast of The Hague, from Scheveningen beach...

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