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Boekhorststraat 125, 2512 CN The Hague
1646 Experimental Art Space
13:00 - 18:00
13:00 – 21:00
13:00 – 18:00
13:00 – 18:00
13:00 – 18:00
Opening hours are during exhibitions.
Museum genre
Kunstwerk in 1646
1646-x-Sol-Calero-17-low Photo by Maarten Nauw

About 1646 
From a visit to a 'white cube' or being surrounded by bright pink, round and undulating walls; to a visit to the cinema, a tour through an archaeological site, or admiring a musical: every time at art space 1646 you have a completely different experience.1646 works with artists who approach complex ideas and questions of life through fiction, humor and lots of color. In the heart of The Hague, they show us a different way of looking, so that we can imagine the world a little differently. At the same time, they embrace and celebrate the complexity of life with an open attitude.

For many of the artists 1646 works with, it is their first time in The Hague or even in the Netherlands. With solo exhibitions in which the artists are given the confidence, the means and free rein to experiment, 1646 introduces special art to the Dutch public before the works of art can be seen in major museums around the world.

Room for experiment and nuance
At 1646 we find it important that the artist has the facilities and space to experiment. With a relatively small organization, 1646 can always switch quickly to really help the artist in the artistic work process. Offering the artist and the visitor the space for their own interpretation, that is very important for the organization of 1646. At 1646 you will not find any text on the wall where we tell you how it is and how you should see it: we encourage the visitor to experience it for themselves! Those who do need background information can contact our 'Email Conversation' - a conversation that takes place over e-mail between the artist and a correspondent. This could be someone the artist doesn't know yet or someone he is already familiar with. By exposing this conversation openly, our visitor gains insight into the answers to questions regarding the plans, the choices and the doubts that took place during the making of the exhibition. The Email conversation can be found on our website and as a physical booklet in the exhibition to take home!

Another way for our visitor to get to know the artist's work from a different angle is the Background Evening. This is an evening that the artist can fill in and program entirely himself, as long as it says something about his or her work: from a film screening to a pizza party or music performances, everything is possible here!

1646 x Sol Calero 41 – photo by Maarten Nauw

Start your own art collection 
With the friends program 1646 makes art accessible to everyone. Our friends support 1646 with a donation of their choice and give the organization a boost. To thank them for this, 1646, together with a different artist every year, offers a special friends edition. For example, 1646 has published editions by internationally established artists such as Pauline Curnier Jardin, Shana Moulton, Navid Nuur and Lindsay Lawson.

Kunstwerk in 1646
Kunst in 1646

1646 Residency 
With its residency program 1646 offers (inter)national artists and curators the opportunity to work and research in our building in the center of The Hague. 1646 considered her residency program to support innovative artistry, to develop global contacts and to introduce the local art community to the residency artists. 

The 1646 residency is not aimed at an outcome, but focuses purely on creating space for work, research and reflection, in order to get to know the context in The Hague in the meantime. At 1646, every residency artist or curator is given the opportunity to organize an event. , where the visitor can come into contact with the work. 

The podcast and the archive
1646 also has a rich archive of photos, videos and podcasts that can be found on the website. The archive dates back to 2008 and shows the rich past of various events, exhibitions, collaborations and spatial transformations of the space on the Boekhorststraat.

1646 is located in the center of The Hague, a 10-minute walk from The Hague HollandsSpoor Station. The Grote Markt tram stop is a 2-minute walk away. Our space is wheelchair accessible.

1646-x-Janek-Simon-opening (photo by Maarten Nauw)
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