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(Bicycle) storage

Biesieklette - Strandweg Haven

Strandweg 10 , 2586 JW The Hague
Biesieklette-Strandweg Haven
070 394 22 11
Biesieklette-Strandweg Haven
Biesieklette-Strandweg Haven

Public parking for your bicycle located at Strandweg 10, near the Vissershaven in Scheveningen. From the Biesieklette you can walk straight to the beach or to the docks!

Park your bicycle safely at Biesieklette with the Bikey.

You'll receive the Bikey for free with your first visit to a Biesieklette parking facility. Attach it to your bike key and you will always have the Bikey with you. The QR code on the Bikey contains a unique code. The employee scans the QR code upon entry. When you pick up your bike, the employee scans the QR code again from your Bikey. Just like with the OV-chipkaart: always check in and out!

If a fee is applicable, you can pay with PIN only.

Biesieklette parking fees

Storing your bike is free of charge, if your bike stays overnight, you'll pay a small fee per day. 

Bicycle 1st day until closing time free
2nd day € 0,50
3rd day € 3,00
4th day € 5,50
5th day € 8,00
6th day € 10,50
7th day € 13,00

For a motorcycle it's € 1,85 per day.

Facilities Biesieklette - Strandweg Haven

  • Capacity: 250
  • Bicycle battery charger
  • Bicycle pump
  • Storage for your scooter/moped: NO
  • Storage for your motorcycle: YES
Opening hours of this storage, view them here

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Biesieklette-Strandweg Haven
Biesieklette-Strandweg Haven
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