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Beach and water sports

Blow Kitesurfschool

Zuiderstrand 21, 2554 ZZ The Hague
Kitesurfschool Blow Kijkduin
Number of persons
1-20, 21-50
Company outing
Type of activity
Active, Nautical sports

Kitesurfing school Blow at Kijkduin offers you the opportunity to learn kitesurfing one on one. Due to the location on a quiet stretch of beach with shallow water, almost always wind and personal guidance, the kitesurfing lessons at Blow are relaxed and safe. This means you can go on the water independently after three to five lessons! 

Blow stands for Be - Life - On - the Water. Based on this philosophy and the passion for kitesurfing, Blow Kitesurfschool was started by Toine de Klerk and Chris Dingemanse. The entire team consists of fun, enthusiastic and experienced kitesurfing instructors. All instructors of the kitesurfing school are personally selected, whereby selection is made on kitesurfing skills in combination with the ability to transfer theoretical knowledge. 

Blow Kitesurfschool is located on the beach of the seaside resort Kijkduin in The Hague, where there is a large peninsula, the so-called Zandmotor. Because the peninsula is artificially constructed, this is the ideal place to learn to kite safely. The shallow, flat water has no waves and currents, and there are virtually no bathers on this stretch of beach. The wind comes from all directions and means that you can kite here undisturbed almost every day. When the wind blows strongly, the Sand Motor fills up quickly and the air is teeming with kites. A spectacular sight!

Kitesurfing lessons 
At Blow, personal guidance and step-by-step learning of kitesurfing are of paramount importance. That is why the group size is a lot smaller than at other kitesurfing schools: at Blow one instructor goes on the water with a maximum of two students. As a result, there is a lot of attention for the students and kiting is taught in a relaxing, fun way.
In addition, Blow teaches according to the IKO method, so that students learn kitesurfing in small steps and the progression is measured and discussed after each lesson. Blow notices that this approach allows students to get out on the water independently faster, sometimes after just three courses! Blow offers various teaching packages and one-day courses in which the participant can become acquainted with kiting. By using the latest materials, Blow's classes are also safe and responsible.

materials Blow always uses recent equipment that is never older than three months. The kitesurfing school ensures that the latest equipment is available for the students at the start of the season. The kites are sometimes replaced two or three times a season. The leskites are from the Slingshot brand, a renowned name in the kitesurfing world for years. The lesson boards are from the German brand Spleene and are extremely suitable for beginners, because they are larger and wider. This gives a beginner more surface area, so more time once he is on the boards, to control the kite and perfect his stance. The suits, harnesses, helmets and lycras are all from the Dutch brand Mystic, which provides by far the most comfortable soft-gear in the kitesurfing world. 

Class period
Blow gives kitesurfing lessons from the beginning of April to the end of October. The courses are given in three parts of the day: 

in the morning from 10:00 to 13:00, 
in the afternoon from 14:00 to 17:00, 
and from June to August in the evening from 18:00 to 21:00. o'clock.

Other activities 
In addition to kitesurfing, you can also paddle at Blow. In Stand Up Peddle surfing, you stand on a large surfboard and move forward with a long paddle. SUP is a relaxing, fun way to move over the water as a beach babe/hunk. Enjoy nature, the nice weather and the environment from the water and train your whole body at the same time! Blow also organizes various side activities such as après-surfing and kitesurfing holidays. 

Giving a kitesurfing lesson as a gift Would you like to 
surprise someone with a kitesurfing lesson? At Blow you can give a kitesurfing lesson or a complete kitesurfing course as a gift. Based on this request, Blow creates a personalized gift card. The kitesurfing school then plans the lesson or course together with the lucky one. 

Accessibility and parking
Blow Kitesurfing School is located at the very tip of Kijkduin beach. This part of the beach is easily accessible by car, public transport and bicycle. By car you can follow The Hague South and then follow the N211 (Kijkduin).

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