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Historic Festival Scheveningen

Historisch Festival Scheveningen
22 Aug


During the Historic Festival Scheveningen ('Historisch Festival Scheveningen') the Keizerstraat and other streets in the old village of Scheveningen will serve as a gigantic outdoor theatre. The event will take you back in time from the 18th century up to 1980. Various activities are planned in the festival area such as tableaux vivants (living pictures), where actors demonstrate old crafts or recall an historic tale of yesteryear. Volunteers will parade around the festival area in traditional and historical clothing, including period costumes, a Charleston dress or bell-bottom jeans. 

The Historic Festival Scheveningen takes place in and around the Keizerstraat. Keizerstraat is Scheveningen's oldest and most historical shopping street. The former fishermen's dwellings in and around this cosy street create plenty of charm. You can still feel the atmosphere of the former fishermen's village as you shop in Keizerstraat and the surrounding streets. This is even more the case if you encounter a fisherman's wife in traditional costume. The centre point of the picturesque centre of Scheveningen is the Old Church at the beginof Keizerstraat. The church is the oldest monument in the former fishing village and dates from the 15th century. After the church, continue to the boulevard and you will automatically arrive at the famous statue of the Scheveningen fisherman's wife.

Keizerstraat begins just before the boulevaard and ends at Scheveningseweg. Street parking in Scheveningen is paid almost everywhere; the closest parking garages are a 10 - 15 minute walk away. The most convenient way to reach Keizerstraat is with the tram.

Historisch Festival Scheveningen
Historisch Festival Scheveningen
Historisch Festival Scheveningen
Historisch Festival Scheveningen

Dates and Times

Sat 22 Aug
Adults Free