Remembrance Ceremony at the Indies Monument

Indië herdenking 15 augustus

A remembrance ceremony is organised at the Indisch Monument in The Hague each year on 15 August to commemorate all victims of Japanese oppression in Southeast Asia during World War II. During this memorial day 'Indië Herdenking' wreaths are laid at the Indisch Monument by the Waterpartij on the Professor B.M. Teldersweg by the prime minister, ambassadors, leaders of the Dutch armed forces, survivors, and people with ties to the Dutch East Indies.

Program ceremony
Please visit the '15 AUGUST COMMEMORATION FOUNDATION' website  for information about guest speakers, the wreath-laying ceremony at the Indisch Monument The Hague and more.

Indies Monument
The Indisch Monument was erected in 1988 after years of campaigning by the Dutch war victims in Asia to get acknowledgment for their suffering during and after the Second World War. The Indisch Monument represents much more to those Dutch citizens with a connection to the Dutch East Indies than the end of the Second World War. It is the place where even the newest generations remember their heritage and celebrate their Asian roots. 

Dates and Times

Sunday 15 August