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The Crave Festival

The Crave Festival
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Electronic Music dance event in the Zuiderpark in The Hague. This summer four stages emerge surrounded by green and water. Each one with a unique character and distinctive sound. A temporary place where time and space don’t know boundaries. Brace yourself for a trip through the magical world of electronic music.

The Crave Festival represents a broad spectrum of electronic music around The City of The Hague. The three day during festival has different shows across the city with the main event in Zuiderpark. In the park you will encounter a mix of head banging techno, groovy disco, swiping house or fierce electro. This year we have partially redesigned the festival terrain mixing area’s and making new routs to discover the festival.


  • Angel D'Lite B2B Byron Yeates 
  • DJ Rum 
  • Estella Boersma 
  • Fafi Abdel Nour 
  • Héctor Oaks 
  • SPFDJ B2B Daria Kolosova 

The full line-up for The Crave festival 2024 will be announced later. View all current information on The Crave Festival website.


Dates and Times

Saturday 1 June
13:00 - 23:30
€ 55,00
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