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The Life I Live

Foto: Parcifal_Werkman
City center
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The Life I Live Festival in The Hague is a huge free open-air music event that was first organised in 1989. On King's Night countless bands perform on several stages at different squares. You can listen to anything from local bands to international acts. As well as booking live bands, the city also attracts a number of DJs during the festival. So it is a big party every year, with people strolling from stage to stage and enjoying street food and drink. Submerge yourself in this huge musical party, with a beer in your hand, in one of the theatres or pubs around the city! If you are from abroad and want to experience The Life I Live Festival in music city The Hague, make sure to book your hotel well in advance.

The Life I Live 2024: 
Festival The Life I live is the discovery festival for music lovers. The program of the next edition will be announced in the new year. In addition to the festival program, The Hague's catering industry in the city center will also show its best side and give everyone a warm welcome.

The Life I Live Festival takes place in The Hague's city centre. Because the centre is traffic-free, it is advisable to leave your car at home and take your bike or public transportation. 

During the festival in The Hague, HTM relieves visitors by offering safe and easy transport. For the outward journey, visitors can travel by trams, buses and HTM bicycles. For the return journey, HTM organizes various event buses that take visitors home between 01:00 and 04:00. More information can be found here 

The NS traditionally uses extra trains. Do you want to be sure that you can still go home at night? Check the website of the NS

Presskit Life I Live 2023 foto: Parcifal Werkman
Life I Live 2023
Festival The Life I Live
Presskit Life I Live 2023 foto: Parcifal Werkman

Dates and Times

Friday 26 April 2024
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