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Urban Trail The Hague

Urban Trail Den Haag
City center
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What is an Urban Trail?
An Urban Trail is a running event, but different. The concept of the Urban Trail is all about the unique experience of the urban trail. There is no competition element and therefore no race results. There is a course that leads runners past, or even through, unique urban locations, buildings and monuments. It is low-threshold with a focus on experiencing the urban environment. After the finish, there is a breakfast together with all the runners.

As with every Urban Trail, participants run along, over and even through cultural and historical buildings in the city. The organisation provides a trail with a sequence of running experiences. Step by step, all locations on the trail will be announced. 

Course distance
Participants this year will have the option to choose between a course of about 5-6 km or 10-12 km. The 5-6 km option makes it more accessible to novice runners. Both distances have the same start and finish location. Participants can indicate at registration whether they go for the short distance (5-6 km) or the long route (10-12 km). 

For anyone who enjoys a sporting challenge and wants to get to know The Hague in a different way, the Urban Trail The Hague is once again an absolute must. The event is already attracting a lot of interest. Registration is not yet open, so keep a close eye on the Urban Trail The Hague website.

Start and finish
The start location is on the Lange Vijverberg where you can see the beautiful skyline of The Hague. The finish location will be near the Lange Voorhout. Run through the beautiful inner city of The Hague. Along and through great passages, historic buildings and gardens and much more.

Urbantrail 1
Urban Trail Den Haag
Urban Trail in Den Haag
The KLM Urban Trails are very accessible. With a short distance of 5 to 6 km and a long distance of 10 to 12 km, almost anyone can participate.

Dates and Times

Sunday 10 November
Not yet available
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