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Clubhuis Duinzigt

Theo Mann-Bouwmeesterln, 2597 GV The Hague
HDM Duinzigt

Club house Duinzigt is the club house of the Hague hockey association HDM located in Scheveningen. The clubhouse has several hockey fields, several rooms are located in the clubhouse and there is ample parking in the nearby parking lot.

The Hague hockey association HDM is an association that has been around since 1908. In 1924 HDM won the first national championship and that set the tone. After great results in the early nineteenth century, HDM disappeared from the highest stage among women and men for a period. Still, both teams promoted back to the highest level, the main division, in the 1980s. This was followed by great results at home and abroad for both the men's and women's teams. In recent years, the club was mainly engaged in stimulating youth and top sport through the Tophockey foundation. Thanks to this extra input, HDM also achieved many results in the youth classes and because of this HDM still focuses on the development of its own youth. Today they do this through the new youth talent project: Top Talenten Guidance.

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