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The Dunes Route South has some special points of interests on the route. You start on the Keizerstraat in Scheveningen. From here, you go along the promenade towards Kijkduin and, via Monster, eventually back to the city centre. Have fun!

Keizerstraat Scheveningen


The oldest and most historic shopping street in Scheveningen.

Boulevard Scheveningen

Scheveningen Promenade

The new promenade is lovely to stroll along, but also protects us from the water

Vuurtoren Scheveningen

Scheveningen Lighthouse

From the lighthouse you naturally have the best view of the sea.

Hart Beach Quiksilver Surfschool

Hart Beach Quiksilver Surfschool

Park your bike and grab a surfboard! The best surf spot in The Netherlands.



This is one of the largest nature reserves in The Hague.

Jutterskeet Kijkduin

Beachcomber's Shed Kijkduin

Visit the Beachcomber's in Kijkduin and see which finds are on display.

James Turrell - Hemels Gewelf

James Turrell - Celestial Vault

In the dunes of The Hague there’s a special place to observe the sky.


PEX provides a cosy, casual atmosphere in the forest.

Panorama Mesdag

Panorama Mesdag

Panorama Mesdag is a unique cultural-historical monument.

Het Vredespaleis In Den Haag

Peace Palace

The symbol of The Hague, the city of Peace and Justice.

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