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"From city to beach" is the first of a total of three "City> Coastal Routes". All three take you from the city to the beach. This first route is the fastest and most direct route and takes you from The Hague Central Station, via the Malieveld, Madurodam to the Kurhaus and the Pier.

Although this route is fast and direct, there is plenty to see and experience along the way. Do you want free parking for your bike? Please visit biesieklette.nl for more information.



The bike ride from city to beach starts on the Koekamp, in front of Malieveld

MingleMush Food Hall


Here you will find fifteen worldly food stands, bars, terraces and arcade games

Literatuurmuseum Den Haag

Literatuurmuseum (Literature Museum)

Come and wander among writers and stories in the Literature Museum!


Kinderboekenmuseum (Children's book museum)

Go on an adventure and meet characters such as Dolfje Werewolf and many more

Rondleiding fotografie Nationaal Archief

Nationaal Archief (National Archives)

A thousand years of history in The Netherlands stored in a 125-kilometre archive

Paviljoen Malieveld

Pavilion Malieveld

For the tastiest poffertjes, pancakes and Old Dutch waffles.

Miniatuurboekjes in Meermanno

Museum Meermanno | House of books

The oldest book museum in the world.



Madurodam tells great stories of The Netherlands.

Atlantikwall Museum - Locatie Scheveningen

Atlantikwall Museum - Location Scheveningen

Visit one of the original German bunkers from the Second World War.


Nieuwe Badkapel (The New Bath Chapel)

An absolute architectural icon of Scheveningen.

Theesalon de Waterkant

Tea room de Waterkant

Prosecco and a boat, that's all you need.

Schelpendag Muzee Scheveningen

Muzee Scheveningen

Nature and history under one roof.

AFAX Circustheater

AFAS Circus Theater

You can see the best muscials in the AFAS Circus Theater.

Zeezijde Kurhaus Scheveningen

Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus

One of the most beautiful hotels in the Netherlands in a fantastic location.

Hotelarrangementen - Hotel Indigo

The Pier

Visit the completely renovated Pier with Ferris wheel and zip line.

Museum Beelden aan Zee, Scheveningen

Museum Beelden aan Zee (Sculpture Museum)

On and around the promenade: Museum Beelden Aan Zee.

Paviljoen De Witte Scheveningen

Pavilion De Witte

Relax at the former Royal country house: Pavilion De Witte.

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