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Film Atelier Den Haag

Herenstraat 8, 2511 EA The Hague

The love for and knowledge of film and history form the common thread connecting all activities within Film Atelier Den Haag. The Atelier offers a combination of knowledge and practice, of thinking and doing: research for documentaries, working with celluloid film collections, research and editing of (often historical) websites, workshops on film restoration and preservation and lectures on film history topics.

The little old warehouse tucked away behind Herenstraat provides space for a 16 and 35mm Steenbeck film table, there is plenty of room to work on the celluloid films that are temporarily in house, there is room to give a lecture or workshop to small groups, films can be screened and all relevant books are within easy reach. The room where the workshops and lectures are held can also be rented by third parties as a meeting or presentation space.

Specifically, the studio offers the following possibilities:
Research for documentaries (both image and content research), inventory, restoration and management advice on 35 and 16mm films, research and editing of websites, workshops for professionals and interested parties, lectures on film history topics, use of the 35 and 16mm Steenbeck film tables by professionals, location for meetings and presentations
Atelier Den Haag is run by Elisa Mutsaers. She is a historian (University of Leiden, 1996) and specialised in documentary research and film preservation with the MAs 'Research for Documentaries' (London College of Print, 2000) and 'Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image' (University of Amsterdam, 2005). In addition, she attended the professional film preservation course at the L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation at the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY in the United States (2006).

Feel free to drop by to see for yourself the possibilities offered by the Atelier!

For producers
Paper research for 'Dick Bos, in action again!'Film Atelier Den Haag searches and finds: images, in-depth coverage of subjects, people, places, etc.

The Filmatelier's nephew
The Filmatelier has a nephew, it's a Rule Nephew! For all those fun and interesting assignments that may have little to do with film, but are still worthwhile.

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