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List of Honour of the Fallen 1940-1945

Binnenhof 1a, 2513 AA The Hague
Erelijst van Gevallenen 1940-1945
Erelijst van Gevallenen 1940-1945
Erelijst van Gevallenen 1940-1945

In the hallway of the entrance to Binnenhof 1a of the House of Representatives, you will find the List of Honour of the Fallen 1940-1945. This document of handmade paper quires contains the names of those who fell in the armed battle against the German or Japanese occupiers. It is on display on a special commemorative table. Every day a member of the House of Representatives turns a page, revealing new names to the public. The List of Honour current contains around 18,000 names.

With the help of relatives, the list was composed by what was then called the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation. The list is far from complete and has been edited over time. This has affected the quality of the document and it was decided not to add any more changes and keep the document as is instead. New names can still be added via a digital publication.

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