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Meijendelseweg 40, WASSENAAR


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Google Reviews

  • Marcel den Hartog

    We always very like to visit Meyendel with the family. You can make nice nature walks by using various trails. For the kids there are play areas. In the self service restaurant you can get drinks and food.

    2 months ago
  • Roumen Trifonov

    Great nature park with several parkings, playground for children, self service restaurant, horse riding, bicycle and walking routes, forest, flowers, dunes, ponds, beach,sea. There are different birds, wild horses, buffalo, fox. Perfect place for families with children during the weekend.

    4 weeks ago
  • Jan-Willem Manenschijn

    A perfect area to walk, run or cycle on your own or with friends. The nature is diverse, with dunes, forest and of course the beach! There is also a monkey park, a great place for children to play and climb in nature. It's a quite place with many small animals and birds. It has almost no reception of the mobile networks, so a great place to disconnect! Enjoy

    3 months ago
  • Dominique Andlauer

    Great space, no network coverage: the best way to disconnect! Woods or sea or woods and sea, the choice is yours. Also great outdoors facilities for 6-12 year old children. The best way to get in the mood is going there by bike!

    4 months ago
  • Yil L

    Love running here. I try to take a trail i've never taken before and discover the place. I've yet to come across the wild horses but seen a fox, bambi and oxes

    a month ago

Meijendel is part of the route 'Through forest and dunes to the sea'

This challenging, varied forest and dune walk leads you from the edge of the historic inner city via...

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