Het Hofbad swimming pool

Ypenburgse Boslaan 30, The Hague


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Google Reviews

  • Annet Duivenvoorden

    Nice and great swimming pool. Some people say the water is really cold. However, if you are a fast swimmer it is very comfortable.

    3 months ago
  • Fernando Oliveira

    The pool itself is nice, but too full (mind you, from 12 to 13:00). You can't really swim laps here, there are people all over the place. Opening times are ridiculous. The swimmers themselves are quite rude. Avoid at all costs!

    5 months ago
  • Paul Fris

    Beautiful inside and outside, modern swimming pool with excellent services. It has a terrace adjacent to the restaurant. The restaurant serves good quality food, not only fried potatoes. There are two large swimming pools with adjustable depth and a recreational swimming area including a nice water slide.

    7 months ago
  • Mehdi Bennani

    Good for families, get swimming lessons or train your freestyle in the 50m pool. Opening hours are also convenient ranging from early morning from 0700 to late evening. Highly recommended.

    7 months ago
  • Aydin Rajabzadeh

    I have been to this pool two times, and each time I experienced a distinct unpleasant behavior from the staff. But the most unacceptable one happened during my last (ever) visit to this pool, where a guard was standing at the entrance and was asking for an ID to let people in, due to a new rule of the complex! First of all, apart from the reasons behind this new rule, there has been no sign of this new rule in their website whatsoever, not even an implication, and they also showed zero flexibility when dealing with this issue. My wife did not have her ID by her, so I offered to show a scan of her ID on my phone, or put in two ID cards of my own at the gate, but no! And we were confronted in a very rude manner by both the guard (or better say the bouncer!) and the ticket seller. This wasn't just our problem, but many other customers were also confused and were not let in. All in all, customer satisfaction means nothing for this complex.

    7 months ago